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Rug cleaning is crucial to maintaining your rug’s cleanliness and longevity. If neglected, it can gradually lead to the breakdown of the rug’s fibers and decrease its lifespan. That’s why you need a reputable rug cleaning company that know’s their stuff.

With over 12 years of experience, our professional rug cleaning service has been the trusted choice for countless homeowners and businesses in London. We focus on the finer details, using state-of-the-art equipment to not only clean your rugs, but restore them to their original beauty.

Watch How We Transform Your Space

Watch How We Transform Your Space

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Trained and Experienced Rug Cleaners

Our professional rug cleaners are highly trained and experienced in handling all types of rugs, from delicate antique pieces to modern synthetic materials. We understand the unique cleaning requirements for each type of rug and use specialised techniques to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process.

We also take extra precautions when dealing with delicate or valuable rugs, using gentle yet effective methods that won’t damage the fibers or colors. Our goal is to ensure a thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity and beauty of your rugs.

What Type of Rugs do Our Rug Cleaners Clean?

  • Oriental & Persian Rugs: These hand-knotted treasures from the East have intricate designs and rich histories. As such, our rug cleaners use delicate and require specialized cleaning to maintain their vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Modern Rugs: These types rugs were made in the last few decades, and are often machine-made or mechanically woven.
  • Navajo & Moroccan Rugs: Unique in their geometric patterns and earthy colors, these rugs have natural fibers and dyes. As such, our rug cleaners incorporate gentle cleaning techniques to preserve their authenticity and uniqueness.

Other rugs we often clean include Turkish rugs, Kilims or flat-tapestry woven rugs, Berber rugs, Aubussons, and more. Regardless or yur rug’s origin or material, we have the experience to clean and restore them all.

Boasting over 12 years of unparalleled expertise in rug cleaning, we put very high standards on ourselves to perform. Our clients trust us implicitly, confident in our ability to leave their rugs immaculate and rejuvenated every time.

Local Rug Cleaners

Our rug cleaning specialists are stationed across London, ensuring you won’t have to deal with late appointments or excuses. We guarantee on-time arrival and efficient service.

Expertise and Experience

Spanning over 12 years, we’ve seen it all when it comes to rug cleaning. Whether it’s a stubborn stain or delicate material, our cleaners use tried and tested methods to handle any cleaning challenge.

Why Choose Our Rug Cleaning Service?

Looking for the best rug cleaning company in London? Look no further than London House Cleaners. Here’s why you should choose us for all your rug cleaning needs:

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

The environment is important to us. So when cleaning your rugs, we use only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Our methods are safe for your rugs, your home & family, and the planet.

Competitive Rug Cleaning Prices

Rug can sometimes be a costly affair. We aim to minimise the financial burden by providing our rug cleaning services at competitive prices. We also offer customized packages if you have multiple rugs that need cleaning.

We Clean All Types of Rugs

Whether you have a traditional Persian rug or a modern shaggy rug, we have the expertise to clean them all. Our cleaning processes are tailored to each type of rug, ensuring the best results without causing any damage.

Instant Quotes

We refuse to have our customers wait days on end just to get a quote. That’s why we offer an instant quote feature on our website. Simply fill in the details of your rug and receive a quote immediately – no waiting, no hassle.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At HouseCleanersLondon, we’ll go above and beyond to make your happy. It’s enough to simply clean your rug – our customer sevice, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence makes us stand out from the rest.

Professional Rug Cleaners who Are Insured

In the extremely rare event that something goes wrong, we have you covered. Our cleaners are fully insured to provide you with peace of mind and protection for your valuable rugs.

Experienced in Dry Cleaning Rugs

If your rug is made from silk, seagrass, jute, coir, viscose, and or plant fibre or pulp-based rugs, we’ll emply dry cleaning methods to thoroughly clean them. This method is gentle yet effective in removing dirt, stains and odours without causing any shrinkage or colour damage.

After trying numerous rug cleaning services, London House Cleaners is by far the best. My antique Persian rug looks vibrant and feels fresh, just like when I first bought it!

Simon Reynolds

Holland Park, London

I’m amazed at the transformation of my living room rug. It looks like I just bought it. Well done LHC!

Fiona Gilbert

Pimrose Hill, London

Having two dogs means a lot of wear and tear on our rugs. London House Cleaners came to the rescue, and now all our rugs look and smell brand new. 10 out of 10 service!

Samson Bennet

Brixton, London

What can I say? They did a heck of a job. My rug looks perfect.

Bryan Garcia

Clapham, London

Areas We Deep Clean in London

Carpet cleaning is more than a service—it’s our promise to rejuvenate every fibre. Whether you’re in Central LondonEast LondonNorth LondonWest London, or South London, we ensure spotless carpets that resonate with each area’s vibe.

Explore our areas we serve to see how we can serve your residential or business space throughout London.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Inspection: We begin by inspecting the rug to determine its type, condition, and any specific stains or damage.

Dusting: Using specialized equipment, we perform a surface clean to remove all dust and loose dirt particles from the rug fibres.

Spot Treatment: Tougher stains that won’t come off so easily will be pre-treated with our specially formulated solutions.

Deep Cleaning: Depending on the rug’s material and the type of stains present, we might use dry cleaning, foam cleaning, cold water extraction, or deep steam/water extraction methods. When using the Cold water extraction method, we use water (up to 30 degrees Celsius) with Woolsafe-approved chemicals.

Drying: Rugs are dried in a controlled environment to ensure no shrinkage or shape distortion.

Final Inspection: Once your carpets or rugs are thoroughly dried, we conduct a meticulous final inspection and grooming, focusing on their pile and fringes. After ensuring they meet our standards, we carefully roll and package them for delivery back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are your rug cleaning services?

Our rug cleaning services were designed to clean all types of rugs, whether it’s wool, silk, jute or synethic. We deep clean rugs to remove stains and odours, restoring your rugs to near perfect condition. After our rug technician performs an inspection to determine the right cleaning method, your rug will be subjected to our cleaning process.

2. What are your rates for rug cleaning?

At HouseCleanersLondon, we try to keep rug cleaning costs as affordable as possible. Depending on your rug’s material, prices can range between £11 to £17 per square metre. The more details you can provide us about your rug, the more precise our price estimate can be.

3. What is the process of rug cleaning?

First, we use our specialised vaccum rug cleaner perform a basic surface clean, removing all dust, dirt and debris. Afterwards, we’ll treat the rug with our special rug cleaning solution and begin our deep clean. We typically use the cold water extraction method, using Woolsafe-approved chemicals and water (up to 30 degrees Celsius).

4. What are the benefits of rug cleaning?

Regular rug cleaning essentially ensures your rug looks it’s best for it’s maximum lifespan. When your rug is kept in pristine condition, it holds it’s value and helps to accentuate your home’s appearance. In the event you’re selling your home, you don’t want a filthy rug to ruin your chances of getting a great offer!

5. What are the risks of not cleaning my rug?

Overtime, dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate and lead to bacteria, allergen and mould growth. Besides ruining your rug’s fibres, it can also cause health hazards for those living in your home, such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. If left uncleaned, these contaminants can also spread to other areas of your home.

6. What are the signs that my rug needs to be cleaned?

If you rug has visible Stains, i.e spots, spills, or other discolorations, it is likely that it needs to be professionally cleaned. Furthermore, if your rug is emitting a musty or foul odour, this is also an indication that it needs to be cleaned. Other signs include flattened fibers and a generally dull appearance.

7. How do I book a rug cleaner from your site?

You can either book online and select your desired date and time, or you can call our customer service team to schedule an appointment. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

8. Can you clean my rug on a public holiday?

Yes, part of our commitment to our clients is to provide our service on days that are most convenient for them. This includes public holidays, weekends and evenings. We understand the longer you wait to clean your rug, the more damage it may incur, so we strive to offer flexible scheduling options for our clients.

Contact Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Specialists 

Book online or call our London deep cleaners at 020 3349 5801 today! We’ll ask for your post code, rug type and type of stains that need cleaning. We’ll then provide a free, instant quote, and upon confirm, will schedule your rug cleaning.

We believe that all rugs deserve the same care and attention as your other important house items. Contact and book with London House Cleaners for the best rug cleaning services in London!

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