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Our oven cleaners are professionals who will deep clean your oven with the utmost care. With over 12 years of experience scrubbing and polishing dirty ovens, we aim to remove all grease, dirt, and stuck-on stains in record time. We also charge our clients reasonable prices, ensuring your bank account doesn’t take too hard of a hit!

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Watch How We Transform Your Space

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An Oven Cleaning Service for Residential Homes

Oven Cleaning Service London

At London House Cleaners, we understand that ovens are very to clean. They accumulate grease, food residue, and grime over time which can be tough to remove without the right tools and techniques. That’s why we offer professional oven cleaning services.

Our team of experienced oven cleaners will work efficiently to cut through the dirt and grime and leave your oven looking like new. We’ll clean your oven’s interior walls, ceiling, racks, knobs, floor, heating elements, and more to ensure all  stubborn stains and hard-to-reach spots are addressed. Using eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions, we ensure that your oven is not only spotless but also free from any harmful residues.

The Benefits of a Hiring Professional Oven Cleaner

Cleaning your oven yourself is back-breaking work, and can often end up with unsatisfactory results. Hiring professional oven cleaners comes with many benefits, including:

  • Time-saving: By hiring professionals, you can save yourself the hassle and spend your valuable time on other important tasks.
  • Efficiency: Our team of experienced cleaners know cleaning techniques and solution work best on different types of ovens stains and residue. This means they can quickly and efficiently clean your oven to a high standard.
  • Thorough cleaning: We clean all of your oven’s components, including the racks, trays, and hob. This ensures that your oven is not only clean on the surface but also inside where it matters most.
  • Extend the life of your oven: Regular professional cleaning can help extend the life of your oven by removing built-up grime and grease that can cause damage if left for too long.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning: Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and safe for you.

Our oven cleaning specialists have been serving London residents for over 12 years. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we’ve become the go-to choice for pristine oven transformations. Trust in our expertise to make your oven shine like never before.

Eco-friendly Oven Cleaning Products

Our professional oven cleaners use only eco-friendly products to ensure your family isn’t exposed to any chemicals. No fumes, toxic chemicals or irritants – just a refreshing smell of cleanliness.

Affordable Oven Cleaning Rates

While we believe that you get what you pay for, it doesn’t mean our rates are out of reach. We offer competitive prices for professional oven cleaning services in the city.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Finding any old oven cleaner isn’t rocket science, but finding a reliable one that delivers top-notch service is a different story. Below are some reasons why you should choose our oven cleaning service:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our cleaning team aim to always get it right the first time. But if you’re not 100% satisfied with the job, they’ll reclean it at no extra cost!

24/7 Customer Support

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate – get in touch with our friendly customer support team anytime of the day or night for assistance.

Instant Quotes

We make getting an oven cleaning quote a cinch. Just fill out our online form and we’ll send you a free, no-obligation quote ASAP or contact us to secure your booking.

Pet-Friendly Services

Our staff, like you, love animals and understand that they are part of the family! That’s why we use products that are safe for your furry friends.

Professionally Trained Oven Cleaners

We don’t just recruit any oven cleaner – we perform background checks and make sure they are highly qualified to carry out the job.

Never believed my oven could look brand new again until London House Cleaners proved me wrong. Fantastic job as usual.

Luke Davidson

Fulham, London

Such a thorough cleaning! My oven hasn’t looked or performed this well since I bought it.

Ryan Hendry

Acton, London

The team was professional and efficient. The transformation of my oven is genuinely impressive. Well done LHC – will surely use your services again.

Amara Kwame

Bexley, London

They do everything They do everything with such precision and care. I hired London House Cleaners for my oven, and the results were beyond my expectations. It’s rare to find such dedication and professionalism nowadays.

Sarah Clements

Mayfair, London

Areas We Service in London

London House Cleaners provide oven cleaning services throughout the heart of the UK’s capital. Whether you reside in Central LondonNorth LondonEast LondonSouth London, or West London, we can dispatch an oven cleaner near you on relatively short notice.

Explore our areas we serve to see your location, you’ll quickly find that we serve every town throughout London.

Our Oven Deep Cleaning Process

Examine: We’ll first conduct a thorough examination of your oven to check for any potential issues.

Dismantle: All racks, tracks, and other removable parts of your oven will be carefully removed.

Soak: We’ll soak all removable oven components in our cleaning solution. This works to soften stuck-on oil stains and food debris, making them easier to clean.

Scrubbing: Our professional cleaners meticulously scrub every inch of your oven, paying careful attention to any hard-to-reach areas.

Rinse: All oven parts are then given a thorough rinse to remove any residual deposits.

Reassemble: We’ll carefully reassemble your oven, ensuring that all components fit in their proper place.

Final Inspection: We’ll conduct a final inspection to make sure your oven is clean and working properly. The result? Your oven’s efficiency will be optimized, and it will look and perform like new.

Oven Care Tips: As a bonus, we’ll recommenda few tips on how to keep your oven clean and working properly. This ensures you won’t need to keep hiring a professional oven cleaning service on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take for you to clean an oven?

Our local oven cleaners typically make quick work of most ovens. On average, a full deep clean takes about an hour. However, for larger ovens that have built up more grime and dirt, it could take up to two hours.

2. What types of ovens can you clean?

Our deep oven cleaning routine caters to all types of ovens, including wall ovens, ranges, and cooktop.

3. What kind of cleaning solutions do you use?

We use a combination of non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents with eco-friendly properties to ensure that your oven is safe for use after the cleaning service. We want your oven, and cooker to be fully operational once we’re done cleaning them.

4. Do you offer regular maintenance and cleaning services?

Yes, we do. If you want to maintain and peak your oven in peak condition and performance, we also offer maintenance packages. Our oven cleaners will go to your London home every few months and perform a deep cleaning service.

5. How often should I schedule an oven clean for my London home?

We recommend a deep oven cleaning every three months to keep your oven in top condition and make sure that it is performing optimally. Remember that oils and grease will accumulate over time and compromise the performance of your oven.

6. Does the cleaning service include cooker cleaning?

Yes, our service includes both oven and cooker cleaning. Our cleaners are professionally trained to clean all parts of your home.

7. Should I be present during the oven cleaning process?

While it’s not mandatory for you to be home, we do recommend being present at the start. If you have any unique special requests, i.e. cleaning certain sections more thoroughly, you can explain it to our cleaner at the start of the service.

8. Can I call you for emergency oven cleaning?

While we have dispatched our local oven cleaners on the same day for certain cases, it ultimately depends on the cleaner’s availability. If one of our cleaners is available, we can send them to your home but it’s best to call us ahead of time and arrange for a service date.

9. Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, in addition to oven cleaning, we also provide other kitchen cleaning services such as hob cleaning, degreasing, grease removal and extractor filter cleaning. We

10. How do I book an oven cleaning service with HouseCleanersLondon?

If you book online, we’ll contact you shortly afterwards to better understand your needs and confirm the details of your service. You can also give us a call and we’ll explain everything you need to know about our services and help you book one.

11. How soon can I schedule an oven cleaning session?

Typically, we can organise an oven cleaning within 48 hours of your booking. However, for best results and to ensure your preferred time slot, it’s always good to book a few days in advance.

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Every home should radiate cleanliness, health, and warmth. Allow us to elevate your space to the standards of hygiene and comfort you’ve always wanted!

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