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Cleanliness plays a large role in the comfort of your home, but many homeowners simply don’t have the time to complete this task due to their busy lifestyles. At London House Cleaners, we recognise that a clean home is a happy home, which is why we’re proud to offer comprehensive home cleaning services.

We realise that every family has their own preferences, so we accommodate all your specific requests into your cleaning plan. Since 201 we’ve performed house cleaning services according to the wishes of our clients. Best of all, you’ll never have to sign a contract. Whenever you want to update your cleaning plan, simply reach out to our team.

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As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in our ability to reduce bacteria, allergens, and other germs that can spread sickness in your home. London House Cleaners strives to reduce this number by helping thousands of families across the country live cleaner, healthier lives.

With more than 12 years of industry-leading experience, our cleaning services are second to none. Book a slot today and see for yourself how we can transform your interior space!


Expert Employees

Our house cleaning professionals can remove all types of stains, from wine spills and grease to mould and mildew. They've seen and handled it all.

Modern Technology

We have acess to the best cleaning tech in the market, meaning your clean will be efficient and thorough.

What’s Included in Our Service?

Ready to service your facilities

We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone.

When our cleaning team arrives at your door step, we’ll bring your abode up to our exacting standards. We provide a 100 percent guarantee on all our cleaning services, and solicit feedback and reviews from our customers to help us find better ways to assist you in cleaning house. If you’re not pleased with any area we’ve worked on, call us within 24 hours—we’ll re-clean it!

Call us, we’ll provide an instant, free-obligation quote once we have your post code and cleaning requirements. Alternatively, you can book on our website and we’ll assign a capable cleaner near you.

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